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not to be the case. and that's on me. >> one of the architects of the affordable care act, otherwise known as obama care, joins us now, jonathan gruber. what do you think of the new fix, allowing people going to lose their insurance policies to keep them for another year? what's your reaction? >> my reaction is, i'm sorry we're in this situation. i think that when -- what the president said, exactly right, is the affordable care act is the minimally disruptive way to get to where we need get in america which is to fix our broken and discriminatory insurance markets. people in congress didn't think it was good enough. they wanted to fix the broken insurance markets and make sure no one lost. you can't do that. if you fix the brokeness insurance market some people benefitting from the broken market have to pay more. the president had to deal with the issue. i thought they dealt with it in an effective way by allowing one more year for people to keep their plans. it's a good solution because it takes pressure off the web failure, it gives people more time to sign up. >> to be fair to members of congre
is getting ready to decide on a new obama care plan. the republican bill would override the president's fix, but will democrats join the chorus? stay with us on that. . right now president obama gearing up for a critical meeting on his health care fix. he is holding talks with insurance company ceos. the white house briefing getting under way right now. right now, stocks are on the cusp of reaching a key milestone really, the dow is up again today and marching toward 16,000, but is it a sign of a recovering economy or a bubble just waiting to burst? >>> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. do not adjust your tv sets. wolf will be back with you on monday. we are moments away now from that vote in the house that we have been reporting on here on cnn. the republican-sponsored keep your health plan act. as late as a day ago, it had a lot of democratic support. so i want to bring in dana bash on capitol hill where she has been stationed for the duration of all of this. what could we expect from democrats today? >> we're going to find out. that really is sort of the drama that is unfolding in the next
kennedy. it's deeply moving. barack obama loves the kennedy family. ted kennedy was his closest ally. if it wasn't for ted kennedy, it's not clear barack obama would have won in 2008 when he backed obama over hillary clinton. now you get the specter of the two titans of the democratic party, bill clinton and barack obama after being at an awards ceremony for the presidential medal now going there to together to pay respects. it's going to be a poignant moment and important moment. i think it's important i think to remember arlington and remember the flame, not just dallas and conspiracy theories on this 50th anniversary. >> and let me bring ennor clift into this part of the conversation. eleanor, as you take a look at this somber ceremony we're about to see, the laying of the wreath, playing of taps, no one's going to talk. they're just going to remember and reflect. what goes through your mind as you think about the 50 years later, if you will? >> this is a powerful democratic small d and big "d" tradition. you have jack kennedy which i think woke the country up and showed us all wh
obama care, all insurance policies must include ten essential benefits things like maternity care and prescription drug coverage. so if your plan doesn't meet that criteria, the insurance companies send you a cancellation notice. some private insurer will offer new plans. but for some people that could increase premiums. for other people who might qualify for a subsidy under obama care, it could be cheaper. >> what do these million people who just lost their policies in california supposed to do. >> there's a reason that they're doing this. that's because the obama administration wanted to get rid of what they called junk plans and make sure everyone has quality coverage. fortunately for californians, they have a state exchange working better than healthcare.gov but there are still reports of problems there too. >> this is not just happening in california. it's happening all over the country. >> well, that's right, wolf. and what you're seeing here is the administration and the insurance industry knew this was going to happen. the estimates vary widely from 7 million to 12 million
obama care rollout may have hurt democrat terry mcauliffe and his race for governor but not badly enough to spell defeat. he survives a nasty slugfest with tea party republican ken cuccinelli by three percentage points. ooh he just squeaked by. we assembled a full roster of correspondents and analysts to walk us through the results and what they mean to the rest of the country. first up, state of virginia and candy crowley. welcome, candy. so obama care and the government shutdown surely factors in the virginia race but so were women. here is the winner, terry mcauliffe. >> the truth is that this election was never a choice between democrats and republicans. it was a choice about whether virginia would continue the mainstream bipartisan tradition that has served us so well over the last decade, at a time when washington was often broken, just think about what virginia has been able to accomplish when we work together. >> so candy, in the end the tea party took a hit in virginia, but its candidate almost pulled out because of obama care. so how worried should the democrats be despite the
president obama's nominees. >> these nominees deserve at least an up or down vote, yes or no. but republican filibusters deny them a fair vote, any vote, and deny the president his team. gridlock has consequences. it's not only bad for president obama, bad for this body, the united states senate, it's bad for our country. >> minority leader, mitch mcconnell, says democrats are creating a crisis to distract attention from obama care. >> millions of americans are hurting because of a law washington democrats forced upon them. what do they do about it? they cook up some fake fight over judges, a fake fight over judges. that aren't even needed. >> our chief congressional correspondent, dana bash, is on capitol hill following the dramatic, dare i say historic developmentans huge ramificat n ramifications. explain what is going on right now in congress. >> reporter: what's going on right now, wolf, as we speak, actually on the senate floor, is the fruits, if you will, of what the democrats tried to do. obviously republicans see it a whole different way. democrats successfully did, which is we're
for a year. president obama has a temporary fix to his health care blunder. oh, but his fix isn't the only fix. this is a look at the house floor. they just gaveled in, actually. they're holding some sort of press conference now. in a few hours around 12:30 eastern the house votes on republican fred upton's plan, it goes two or three steps farther than the president's fix, and it could actually gut obama care. also, later this afternoon, the heads of some of the top insurance companies will come to the white house for a meeting with president obama, but let's go back to mr. obama and his extraordinary mea culpa. >> that's on me. i mean we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. there are a whole bunch of things about it that are working really well, which people didn't notice. >> cnn is covering the health care crisis from all sides, we begin with chief congressional correspondent dana bash on capitol hill. dana, take it away. >> reporter: certainly a lot of democrats here were relieved that president obama gave that mea culpa, said that he was going to fix his broken promise but the
cabin. this morning southwest tells its side of the story. >>> also, ads pitching obama care, college kids doing keg stands, flirty girls talking about getting birth control, and then there's this. >> you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor, lower premiums for everyone! >> reporter: is this really the best way? >>> plus -- markets on a roll, your 401(k) soaring. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. time is running out for the white house to try to fix one of obama care's biggest blunders, i'm talking about the inability of millions of americans to keep the health coverage they already have if they like it. top administration officials are headed to capital hill in a few hours to try to hammer out a possible fix. tomorrow house republicans plan to take a swing at that. in its first month fewer than 27,000 people signed up for health insurance through heal healthcare.ghealth karcare car care.gov. jim acosta and chris frates join me from washington. good morning to you both. jim, first of all who is going to this
>> right now, the supreme court is stepping in on obama care. the justices have agreed to hear arguments over a controversial part of the law. dealing with religion and contraception. >>> right now, snow and heavy rains are cutting across the country. we've got flood warnings in the south and heavy snow battering the midwest and creeping towards the northeast. also right now, that huge storm is putting it travel plans in jeopardy for millions of americans. we've got advice how not to get sfrand stranded in an airport for the holidays. >>> hello, i'm jim acosta in washington. wolf blitzer is off today. we start with the supreme court agreeing to hear another appeal over the affordable care act. this one centers on contraception. the obama administration is appealing the decision in a case brought by the hobby lobby store chain. a federal appeals court said hobby lobby has the right to refuse to provide mandated coverage for birth control without a copay to its employees. hobby lobby's owners say that mandate is at odds with their religious beliefs. the supreme court will review
on his way out of the country. >>> another day, another deadline for the obama administration and its new health care program. the president's team says after the website's disastrous rollout two months ago, today's the day it's supposed to work smoothly for the vast majority of users. this is a live look now at healthcare.gov. technicians took it down overnight, about 11 hours, for maintenance. but it is back up now. c cnn's tory dunnan is live now. we're hours away from the deadline. it appears things may be working better with the website. is all well in washington, or are they preparing to fix this thing? >> reporter: wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall? >> no. >> reporter: but in all seriousness, the latest is that the administration is on track to meet this self-imposed deadline, telling us that the site was shut down overnight for fixes, as well as updates. of course, we now know it's up and running. and here's what the goal will be in the next hours for this weekend. according to the white house, 50,000 people should be able to be on the site at the same time. we're told if
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obama care and the political tell-all book "double rap." >>> hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. more on the investigation into the fatal shooting over at the los angeles international airport. 23-year-old paul ciancia. police say he's the shooter. he remains in critical condition today, unable to speak with investigators. but we are starting to learn more about ciancia. and possibly some of his motives. we're also learning more about what happened just before the shooting, from someone who knew ciancia and his roommates. >> he asked one of the roommates if he could have a ride to the airport. >> why did he need a ride? >> he said he was going back home, either that his dad was kind of sick and he had to deal with family issues. >> did anyone ever see a ticket? >> no. he also didn't mention what day he had to leave. that morning yes, he doesn't knock, just opens the door and says, i need to leave. can you take me now? >> did he ever express any hatred toward the government or toward the tsa? >> all nsa findings that came out this year that he was very upset about it a
moments away from president obama, he's live in new orleans. will be in just a moment. he is scheduled to give a speech on the economy and infrastructure. but he may also have more to say on problems with the affordable care act. right now on wall street, the dow is up. today's jobs report shows an unexpected surge in hiring last month. still the official unemployment rose supply thely to 7.3%. hi there i'm pre and nakheelner for wolf blitzer. today it is likely the most powerful storm to hit anywhere in the world in recorded history. right now, super typhoon haiyan is bearing down on the philippines. it is so large, this is what it looks like from space. at one point the cloud cover blanketed two-thirds of the country there. its sustained winds are estimated to be 195 miles an hour, equivalent to an extremely strong category 5 hurricane. wind gusts are reaching an estimated 235 miles an hour. and that's sending debris flying through the air. buildings and homes are destroyed. there is widespread flooding. so far three people are reported dead. that number could rise dramatically after
of obama care. joining me now is our investigations correspondent chris. what is happening in california? >> we just learned that about a million people in the state of california got cancellation letters. california is a big state with 38 million resident, but still, this is getting a lot of attention. who are these 1 million? these are people who had private health insurance. here's why they had to be canceled. under obama care, all insurance policies must include ten essential benefits like maternity care and primgz drug coverage. if it doesn't meet the criteria, they send cancellation notices. for some people, they could increase premiums. for other people who might qualify for a subsidy under obama care, it could be cheaper. >> so what are these people supposed to do? >> that's the big dilemma. the reason they're doing this is because the obama administration wanted to get rid of what they called junk plans and make sure everyone had quality coverage. fortunately for californians they have a state exchange. it's working better than health care dot guv, but there's been a lot of repo
," president obama may be losing support from some democrats. how he can navigate his way out of the this mess. we'll talk to a man who knows a lot about white house troubles. and our jeanne moos has her memories of the assassination of john f. kennedy. what her story focus us. >>> and how do you learn $98,000 in cash. one woman managed to do just that but a very honest man saved her. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. that's mine. ♪ that's mine. ♪ that's mine. ♪ come on, kyle. ♪ [ horn honks ] that's mine...kyle. [ male announcer ] revenge is best served with 272 horses. now get the best offers of the season. current lessees with an expiring l
negotiationes with iran. president obama of course does not share his feelings. we are told the two men spoke about this today for about a half an hour. the president ensured netanyahu that there will be throughout the negotiations. the terms are iran has to scale back nuclear material and allow inspectors and monitors. in return for some of the tough interaction inial sanctions that hurt iran's economy, well, they will go away. iran's president went on television today calling the deal a win for his negotiators. iranian people tell cnn that they see this as an opportunity to improve relations with the west. the iran nuclear deal is getting mixed reviews from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. live in washington, d.c., tory, washington, d.c. lawmakers are not shy about giving their opinion about this deal, are they? report not at all. so yes, this is a tough spot for the president to be in, but it is also one for members of congress and one of the key factors driving some of them is support for israel. take a listen to chuck schumer. he is playing around with the idea of trying to lobby mo
. president obama is now busy tweaking his message, understandable, since many americans are angry that the president insisted more than once they could keep their insurance plans despite obama care. now we know that's not true. still the president cannot deny what he has been saying for nearly four years. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor under the reform proposals that we put forward. if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep it. if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. if you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too. we will keep this promise to the american people. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. if you have health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor. you can keep your plan. if you like your plan, you can keep
residents deserve to see it. and people need to judge for themselves what they see obama this video. >> fou, this video was recovered from a hard drive. 's part of a police investigation into gang activity. the mayor was featured prominently in that investigation. there's lots of pages that have been redacted and the mayor's alleged drug abuse. but there were photos that surfaced with rob ford hanging out with known drug members in front of a known crack house. there's also erratic blaif yor, questionable behavior by the mayor. he has since been arrested on extortion charges allegedly threatening those that have the original copy of this video so just thinking further, he says whatever it shows. he lant seen it? >> we don't know why he would be so hope about putting that video in public other than really to show torontoans, those in toronto, that this video is not out there. who knows what the defense is. whether or not he can defend himself even if there is vids owe of me smoking from a glass pipe, you don't really know what's in it. his approval ratings have gone up 5%. they just got a lo
and center, forced to test before another hearing on obama care. >>> plus incognito. >> can we ask you how your trip to l.a. went? >> no further comment. >> the suspended dolphin back in miami waiting to find out what the nfl is going to do with him. >>> also -- >> let's be very honest, airlines or companies in any industry don't merge for consumer benefit. >> what that means for your next flight. >> i think it's a win for the low cost carrier. >> health alert. why your bad cholesterol number may not matter anymore. you're live in the cnn "newsroom." >>> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin in washington with an event one you white house official calls unfortunate and unnecessary. todd park, he's the chief administration officer the man charged with fixing the obama care website. but he will be talking to the house oversight committee and the latest congressional hearing on the health care law. there have been five hearings since the launch, and two more are scheduled for this week. and the controversy around obama care seems to be having an impact o
of obama care and some of the pressure actually coming from anxious democrats. we'll get the latest reaction from the white house, stand by. >>> right now, on the floor of the new york stock exchange, twitter is making its public debut and the shares, so far, they are soaring. >>> also right now, the family of kendrick johnson speaking out. he's that georgia teenager found dead inside a rolled up gym mat at his high school. now new school surveillance video that's just been released. >>> hello, i'm wolf blitzer, reporting from washington. we begin with a major decision by the fda, a decision that could lead to dramatic changes in the food we eat every day. today the agency said, artificial trans fats are no longer, quote, generally recognized as safe. and it announced it's taking steps to eliminate them from the u.s. food supply. foods with trans fat include, french fries, frozen pizzas, cookies, microwave popcorn, just to name a few. the fda says, banning trans fats would save thousands of lives every single year. joining us now from the cnn center, chief medical correspondent, eli
finished facing some very tough questions over the problems plaguing the obama care website. the health and human services secretary testifying by the senate finance committee. >>> and right now, a record day on wall street, the dow hitting an all-time intraday high this morning. right now it's up, up 98 points right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting today from washington. you can stick a fork in election 2013 -- it's done. now the pundits and the politicians are busy reading the tea leaves to see what the results mean going forward. was this a referendum on obama care? and if so, how worried should democrats be? what do the results say about the tea party and the fight within the gop? we're going to get into all of that. but first, chris christie's landslide win in the new jersey governor's race, is seen by many as a warm-up to the 2016 presidential race. in his victory speech, christie pointed to new jersey as a model for the way washington should work. >> i know if we can do this in trend trenton, new jersey, maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in their tvs right now
a nuclear weapon. this preliminary deal holds up for about six months. the obama administration is marking it as a big step but criticism is pouring in with many concerned that iran won't follow through. >> let me be clear. we do that with eyes wide open. we have no illusions you don't do this on the basis of somebody's statements to you. we are convinced that over the next few months we will be able to put to the test what iran's intensions are. >> the deal is a breakthrough after decades of gridlock. it was an exciting moment in switzerland when it was announced this morning. matthew chan joins me with more. what are the key points in the plan. why are so many so optimistic. >> reporter: i think it was the best option in the circumstan s circumstances. diplomates have made quite clear that they don't believe that would ever be possible. it is a deal that was fought with compromise. the issue hasn't been set out as a right for iran. the deal says that iran can continue it's uranium enrich arement for 5%. the enrichedure rainme ure raans to 20% will have to put things out as well. they ar
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obama needs to make things right with people who can't keep their current health care plans as he had promised. and right now, the justice department says american airlines and us airways can indeed merge. provided they take some steps designed to help their low cost competitors. what will it take to create the world's biggest carrier? and right now, a ticking time bomb in the philippines. people are desperately waiting for food and clean water. but in the middle of the standing water and the dead bodies, there is the threat of even deadlier outbreaks of disease. >> hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington today. new video emerging that could cause major headaches for the white house over obama care. this is the former president of the united states, bill clinton, talking about the problems with the affordable care act. in an interview with the website ozy.com. listen to this. >> i met a young man just this week who has a family, two children. bought in the individual marketplace. his policy was canceled and one was substituted for it that doubled his premium. now, are i asked him, i sai
was, elect obama/clinton for 2012. turns out the obama campaign considered bumping joe biden from the ticket last year and replacing him with hillary clinton. obama's former chief of staff confirms that a switch was discussed as were many options but he says it was never considered seriously. jay carney says the president dismissed the idea out of hand. i know for a fact that president obama never considered this, never thought about it, never entertained it. the vice president has been a partner of his from the 2008 campaign on, an excellent governing partner and excellent campaign partner. so again, campaigns test everything but as the book itself says this was never considered by the president. >> obama's former senior adviser, david plouffe, also denies any serious intent. plouffe tweeted "never any, any consideration of vice president of hillary rodham clinton switch." >>> congress is ramping up its investigation into the terror attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, as you'll recall, four americans including the u.s. ambassador to libya tide in that ferocious atta
since obama care passed. how can he say, as he seemed to be saying right there, that he's been saying all along -- what's the meaning here and significance of this new "if" clause? >> reporter: it's interesting. i asked president obama about this promise he was making because it didn't seem like you could change such a significant part of the economy and not have repercussions where people had to get different insurance or were forced to change doctors. what he said in 2009 was what he meant was if you like your health care plan, the government is not going to force you to change it. now he's saying something different, a new clause. so i did ask governor christie today, who has a reputation for blunt talk to some people's pleasure, to some people's displeasure, i asked him what advice he would give president obama about this trouble that he's in about this broken promise. >> here's what my suggestion would be to him. don't be so cute. and when you make a mistake, admit it. listen, if it was a mistake in 2009, if he was mistaken in 2009, 2010 on his understanding of how the law would
. they have every opportunity sto respond. thank to you mr. mcclain. >>> the obama care website prompted some to say secretary sebelius should be shown the door. but is the sitting president to blame? i will ask two men who have seen the rest of the white house like the rest of us never will. andy card, former staff of president bush, and mac mcclarty for president clinton. we will get a rare peek inside the white house. that's next. so it's your uncle's turn. what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can. ♪ ♪ and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. ♪ hey lady! noooo! no! [ tires screech ] ♪ nooo! nooo! nooo! hey lady, that's diesel! i know. ♪ ♪ [ male annou
and the other men in that secret unit did during the korean war. >>> we move on, the race to fix the obama care website is going down to the wire. obama administration officials say the site is getting better ahead of the midnight deadline. they aren't done just yet. tech experts are still upgrading hardware and tweaking the software hoping the rollout, number two, we should add, will be better than rollout number one. if it's not, it could be an ugly week at the white house. tori is keeping on top of all this. tori, the obama administration sounds confident. do they think this site is going to work, it's going to be an all fix? >> you know, from what we have heard so far, they sound optimistic saying they are on track and this website is performing well on deadline day. according to the white house, the site is going to behave differently for users. one measurement that's been brought up in an administration briefing is pages that took eight seconds to load should be less than a second. a fraction of a second. there are lots of fixes like this happening. the president made the promise this sit
. >>> president obama waking up with a new low in his approval ratings, just 41% of people in our polling say they like the way he's handling his job, that is the lowest it has ever been in the cnn/orc polling. >> the biggest drop in june from 53% in may to 45%, during new reports of the nsa spying and the irs targeting conservative groups. obama care may not be the biggest factor in these falling poll numbers. >> timing there really interesting. i want to bring in candy crowley joining us now live from washington. candy i want to shift gears a bit. today it is 50 years since the death of president john f. kennedy. we were just talking about president obama's poll numbers. let's look at president kennedy's numbers 50 years after his death, 90%, 90% of the people in our polling say they approve of his handling of the job. just 7% disapprove. is this all at this point just a function of nostalgia? >> well, that and the fact, this is a man who was not president even for three years. i think it was like november two years ten months basically, had he been president. so you know, in four years peo
princeton university. >>> now to the health of millions of americans under obama care. the president met with insurance company ceos yesterday to discuss his proposed fix to the affordable care act. the tweak would temporarily reinstate policies that were dropped because they didn't comply with obama care regulations. the white house calls the meeting productive but hasn't related any details about possible solutions. on the same day the president suffered an embarrassing setback when dozens of house democrats voted for a republican plan that would gut his signature health care law. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash has that. >> fredericka, the prospect of losing this vote in a big way is what drove democratic leaders earlier in the week to plead with obama officials to do something to fix the canceled policy problem. the president's mea culpa and his new plan softened the blow but for the white house it still stung. 39 house democrats, one-fifth of the caucus, defected and voted for a republican bill allowing people to keep canceled health policies. democrat ron barber in
numbers sliding, he said he has heard the message loud and clear. he conceded that he fumbled the obama care rollout with both the failure to keep his promise and the deeply flawed health care website. >> that's on me. i mean, we fumbled the rollout on this health care plan. i am very frustrated, but i'm also somebody who if i fumble the ball, i'm going to wait until i get the next play and try to run as hard as i can and do right by the team. so ultimately, i'm the head of this team. we did fumble the ball on it. and what i'm going to do is make sure that we get it fixed. >> he said fumbled repeatedly in the first fix he offered for these repeated fumbles, potential relief for some of the millions of americans who have lost their insurance because either their plans expired or their new policies did not meet obama care's minimum standards. he said he would allow insurers to extend those noncompliant policies for a year, but they would have to alert their customers to better plans under the exchanges. this applies to people who have those paolicies now, they would have to have the right
insen insensed, furious, really angry that now president obama's back is to the wall, he wants them to reestablish health insurance plans he has slammed as practically junk. stand by. we're going to have that in just a moment. >> now, a short time ago, a firely debate in the house on the republican plan of revival plan to the president's fix. >> we're doing it for my constituents like carolyn and lucy and cindy and wilma. all small business owners. all female heads of households who have written us and have said, we are being forced out. forced out. of the plan that we like. >> the fact of the matter is, it will not fix that problem. but what it will do is undermine the ability of millions and millions and millions of people to have health security. i would urge my colleagues to defeat this trojan horse. >> you heard that right. trojan horse, he said, because democrats contend the republican plan would wreck obama care. in the name of saving it. about 20 minutes ago, that measure did pass, but it won't become law. we'll have more on that in just a moment. first, this meeting about t
be right now. >> they have a letter in their hands from president obama, there had been some reports earlier this week it would be some kind of apoll gee for past u.s. mistakes. that's not what this letter is. >> it is we will respect the sanctity and dignity of afghans in their homes. that's what it says but under extraordinary circumstances if there are threats to u.s. lives and interests, we will go into afghan's homes. the concern is by the afghans, they pile the pressure on hamid karzai, something he takes domestic political heat. when there are raids the capture, taliban al qaeda leaders they go into afghan homes. sometimes they get it wrong. some people in tiny little villages genuinely do live in fear of helicopters coming in. this is a big deal for car die to deal with politically for himself. good language for him and good language for the joer jirga, it says a statement of intent. this will help it pass. zblts he aa complicated relationship between hamid karzai and this government. these are tough negotiations. >> understatement. he said today himself "i don't trust the un
, a thanksgiving tradition about to play out. president obama pardons the thanksgiving turkey live this hour. the question is, are will caramel or popcorn get the official pardon? >> hello, i'm jim sciutto in washington. wolf blitzer is off today. we're going to start with the weather. its impossible to avoid it, seemingly everywhere you look, it is either raining, sleeting or snowing. and all that is making travel home for thanksgiving difficult. thousands of flights have been delayed or canceled because of that weather. and for those of you deciding to drive, well, that's no picnic either. we're keeping an eye on all of it for you. shannon travis is in pittsburgh. alina machado at the airport in atlanta, margaret connly at laguardia airport in new york and jennifer grey at the weather center in new york, as well. let's go now to shannon travis in pittsburgh. i've been looking at pictures from there seeing a lot of snow. what's it like in western pennsylvania? >> that's right, jim. the snow is coming down, but take a look at the road that we're on right now. it's a side road not far from th
, all the way ♪ oh, oh >>> president obama has been facing some pretty big challenges in the past few months, and it is starting to catch up with him with voters. his next challenge may be what to do about his dipping approval ratings. our paul stein hauser explains. >> reporter: hey, fred. from cancelled health care plans to the disastrous start-up of healthcare.gov, obama care is taking a toll right now on president barack obama's poll numbers. and the president admits that these are self-inflicted wounds. >> there've been times where i thought we were -- kind of got slapped around a little bit unjustly. this one's deserved. >> reporter: mr. obama's approval rating, one of the best indicator of a president's standing with the public, and clout right here in washington, stands at 41% in our new cnn oorc poll. that's mr. obama's lowest approval rating ever in cnn polling. the president's approval rating has now reached or tied all-time lows in six national surveys released over the past three weeks. >> i think the american people are losing confidence in this administration. >> report
by most health plans. >>> the back and forth over obama care overshadowed the usual washington debates. but there is a brat el brewing over some key out who nominees. plus some governor races look like they will end up with some very different results. this is one of my favorite parts of the weekend. lz, you're in chicago? oh, that's right. that's right. >> i'm back in chicago. >> i was thinking atlanta. i've live sewed many places, i forget. he is a commentator. anna is a consultant and sit-in cnn commentator. good to see both of you. the president made sure to link mcauliffe's opponents with the recent government shutdown. >> here in the virginia you felt the pain of the first government shutdown in 17 years. there aren't a lot of states that felt more of the pain than folks here in virginia. paychecks were delayed. families were forced to go without the services that they depended on. business owners took it on the chin when customers cut back on their own spending. and as terry mentioned, his opponent says he's perfectly happy with it. >> all right. well, anna, are there wider less
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50% off new brake pads and shoes. >>> president obama calls it an important first step, but the interim agreement to dial back iran's nuclear program has been triggering morning political fallout for the obama administration. the six-month deal places limits on iran's nuclear activities in exchange for easing some sanctions. world leaders hope it will pave the way for a long-term deal to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. the israeli prime minister been been calls the agreement a historic mistake. the administration is trying to aesz israel's concerns. >> we understand, israel has a right to be skeptical. an iranian bomb would present a threat to israel. we have the aim goal to prevent iran from getting a bomb. there may be differences how we get there. i think israel would have preferred not to do this first step. if we could have negotiated a comprehensive deal in a matter of days, we would have. >> lawmakers from both parties are skeptical of the deal. lintds say graham says it let's iran off the hook. he's pushing for more sanctions. >> yes, i think you'
, with african-americans, with frankly what looks very much like the coalition that got president obama elected. but the problem with that, don, is that that is absolutely not going to help him get through the republican primary. the republican primary is full of exactly the folks that kevin talked about that are focused on pure ideology here in washington. >> he's not republican enough? >> he's not -- he is not conserve -- he is not tea party enough, let's put it that way. and he's going up against rand paul, and we saw already the division within the republican party itself when rand paul and chris christie went at each other. and there's a pew poll very interesting pew poll that says right now at least the momentum of the republican base and republican voters leans toward the civil libertarianism that rand paul represents. that does not bode well for somebody like chris christie to make it to the nomination. >> there's a new book out on tuesday, it's called "double down, game change, 2012." it says that mitt romney considered chris christie as his running mate but that his background was, qu
is ticking, and a lot is on the line. we're talking about the obama care web site. the president promising that by midnight it will work properly for most users. will it? that's next in the "cnn newsroom." >>> it is still three years until the 2016 presidential election, but new cnn poll numbers are already suggesting at least two potential early front runners. paul steinhauser has more. oh, paul? >> miguel, so far this month chris christie won a landslide reelection victory in new jersey, took over as chairman of the republican governors association and now he apparently has another honor. >> 2016 is a long way away. >> chris christie is right. it is. but let's be honest. the early moves in the next race for the white house are already under way. for the first time, a front-runner appears among the possible gop presidential contenders in our new cnn/orc poll. 24% of republicans we questioned said they'd be likely to support christie as their party's nominee. he's 11 percentage points ahead of senator rand paul of kentucky who's at 13%. congressman paul ryan of wisconsin last year's republ
blackwell, thanks so much. keep us posted on this. >> sure will. >>> president obama hits the campaign trail this weekend. not for himself but for an old friend. but with all the obama care problems and criticism of the white house lately, is the president an asset or a liability? we'll talk to some experts next. i'm tony siragusa and i'm training guys who leak a little, to guard their manhood with new depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at guardyourmanhood.com >>> president obama has put in place new people and set a new deadline to get obama care on track. they've got 28 days to meet the november 30th target to fix all the problems that people have been facing to sign up for health care. but what does this say about the leadership at the white house and the president's legacy? mark lamont hill is a cnn political analyst and professor at columbia university. he is in new york. good to see you. and mercedes is a former spokeswoman for president george w. bush. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you for hav
say. george howell reporting lifrom chicago this morning. >>> president obama pressing lawmakers to pass legislation that would make it illegal for employ employers to fire people based on their sexual orientation or again der identity. in an op-ed sunday, president obama wrote this, quote, we're all created equal and every single american deserves to be treated equally in the eye of the law. we believe that no matter who you are, if you work hard and play by the rules, you deserve the chance to follow your dream and pursue your happiness. senate is expected to vote on the legislation later taoday. >>> a white house official says there has been no cle inside ci snowden and believe he should return to the united states to face justice. the joints reaction comes after a german magazine published a let frer snowed, in it is he says he's seeing a positive reaction to disclosing classified information and that he wants the united states to stop treating him like a criminal. >>> this just into us. a major announcement from blackberry. it is abandoning all plans to sell the company. the
the white house thankful is a meeting, a self-imposed deadline for the obama care website, but will that happen? find out about new delays straight ahead in a live report. >>> stationed with the task force lifeliner in bagram air force afghanistan. i'd like to wish my mom, gra grandmoth grandmother, family and friends happy thanksgiving. constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cash card from capital one, i get 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally someone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! what's in your wallet? ththe more i want to go back.e, the comfort, the colors, the flavors. a modern city, with history in every corner. ♪ how to expect an 18th century castle in the middle of a huge city. i don't know how to explain it, we just have to go bac
as a sign that obama care is not popular the sex exit polls showt they don't like it. he lost the race to a democrat but by a smaller margin. when you looked at the last couple of weeks it was about obama care. he started talking about it and his numbers began to get none the less, i talked to both party chairs today. he said we are going to tattoo obama care on the heads of the democrats. >> obama care did not have anything to do with tuesday's outcome. i think actually candy that democrat candidates will be able to run on obama care as an advantage leading into the 2014 election. it will be great to run on or a bad thing to defend. interesting week too it will be interesting to see if the nomination will be held up since lindsey graham has said that he wants to hold them up. thank you so much. thank you fred. >> and for people still reeling in the after math in the devastating typhoon. we will show you what is in the box and what you can do to help. i'm angela, and i didn't think i could quit smoking but chantix helped me do it. i told my doctor i think i'm... i'm ready. [ male annou
. >> oops! >>> and obama care. the country music awards. priceless. obama care by morning ♪ over six people served >> you're live in the "cnn newsroom." >>> i love carrie underwood. we'll get to that in just a minute. but first, good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. new claims this morning that the miami dolphins knew about jonathan martin's struggles before he left the team because of alleged bullying. pro football talk says martin's agent complained to dolphins' gm jeff ireland about how richie incognito was treating martin. sources telling the nbc sports website that ireland's solution was for martin to punch incognito. and espn is reporting that martin recently checked himself into a south florida hospital and was treated briefly for emotional distress. the dolphins tell cnn the organization will not comment on every report that comes out, while the nfl is reviewing this matter. but the team suspended incognito on sunday. in the meantime, dolphins players are talking about the relationship between martin and incognito. cnn's john zarrella is i
obama, you just heard him say enough is enough. he's finished with all the republican efforts to stonewall some of his nominees supporting the democratic decision, the majority decision in the senate to go ahead and change the rules of the game as far as confirmation processes are concerned. no longer requiring 60 votes to break a filibuster but 51 votes right now. the democrats have 55 members in the senate to 45 republicans. so they can obviously deal much more easily with those confirmation processes. once again, gloria borger, our chief political analyst with us, dana bash, the state of the union anchor candy crowley. let's go to capitol hill and get the reaction. i don't know if there's reaction to what we just heard from the president, from the republicans, dana, but i assume it's going to be very negative. >> absolutely. because just as candy was pointing out, which is crucial to underscore, the democrats who run the senate still have a 60-vote threshold they need to overcome for any legislation, just run of the mill legislation, not the nominations that the president i
doesn't have insurance, what obama care does is it jeopardizes the health care of 200 million americans that do have health care, and it is a trade off that obama made. the 5 million that lost their health insurance is just the first shoe to drop. >>> hello, i am meteorologist karen mcginnis. you are watching a developing situation weather wise across the south central united states. for dallas, looks like we could see a rain snow mix. a developing storm system with a winter weather advisory expected there. the storm system is going to gradually make its way across the south central u.s. so dallas is in that warning area. rain covers the southeast, but as we go through time, then it becomes trickier to forecast. we could see development of a nor easter, or we could see some of that snow make its way towards coastal sections of the northeast and new england. either way, it is fairly blues tery, cold air in place. look for snowfall across interior sections of the northeast. what about the forecast? we go into the next several days. look at this. for new york today, should be in
. absent this morning, however, is president obama. this is a man who swore in on the oath of office twice on the lincoln bible, announced his candidacy for presidency, but is not going to the 100th anniversary of the speech and is taking political heat for that. we'll talk about that this hour. >>> george zimmerman is back in jail, expected to go before a florida judge this afternoon. this time he is accused of pointing a gun at his girlfriend. it's just his latest run-in with the law since his acquittal in trayvon martin's murder. in sanford for us this morning, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, facing felony aggravated assault as well as other charges, police spent hours going through the home he shares with his girlfriend as they try to figure out exactly what happened. >> what's going on? >> he's in my house, breaking all my [ bleep ] stuff because i asked him to leave. he has a freaking gun, breaking all my stuff right now. >> reporter: that's the 911 call that police say george zimmerman's girlfriend made during a domestic incident that turned violent. >> you put your gun in
is facing more an more criticism. the president is facing for a gop plan that guts obama's health care law. more from you. are we expecting more blow back from the white house this week? >> we sure are and that is because we are learning more about what is going to happen. a new washington post report out this morning, it will still only about able to service 80% of users. an official told cnn that they would be happy with that 80% officialo eefficiency. most users would be able to plan selection. but fred, that official warned that this website is no different than any other major site. they expect more glitches to pop up after december 1st. because of that, republicans doubt the obama administration will be able to roll this out. the member of the republican leadership went further on cnn state of the union. >> it is time to start over. this health care law is broken and has failed the american people because they are losing their insurance and doctor and i think there is going to be a massive tax pay or bail out needed to deal with the impact of this health care law. >> and of course, t
with his take on president obama's repeated promise to americans about their health care. president obama's facing intense criticism as thousands of health care plans get canceled under new obama care rules. when he campaigned for his sig nuature health care law, the president repeatedly said if you like your plan, you can keep it. now, in an interview with ozzie.com former president clinton said president obama should keep his promise. >> i met a young man just this week who has a family, two children, bought in the individual marketplace. his policy was canceled and one was substituted for it that doubled his premium. now, i asked him, the same coverage, he said, yeah. and i said, but are your co-pays and deductibles the same? he said, no, they're much, much lower. he said in the years when i use health care, i might actually save money. but he said we're all young and we're all healthy. so, i personally believe even if it takes, the president should honor the commitment to federal government and let them keep what they got. >> so, joining me to talk about this from washington is writer
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